Frequently Asked Questions

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Last revised: October 23, 2020

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  • Q: "What is BlockSTRACT?"
  • A: BlockSTRACT: A peer-to-peer blockchain-powered marketplace for abstractors as well as title production vendors, allowing for the easy integration of the abstract process, an ‘Uber’-like process of finding qualified abstractors, and recordation of abstract research onto the blockchain. BlockSTRACT is a platform/marketplace, similar to Upwork and Freelancer, whereby a title company can place a request for work and many abstractors and title production vendors can bid for the work. The system plugs into most title production software and gives the title agency real time status of the product and more once an abstractor agrees to undertake the work at the agreed upon price.

  • Q: "Who are the ideal BlockSTRACT customers and users?"
  • A: This is a two part answer. Firstly; abstractors and title production vendors who offer their services on the marketplace and secondly; title companies and agents who require their services. Title companies and agents will join the marketplace to bid on the work made available by the abstractors and title production vendors.

  • Q: "What features are available with BlockSTRACT?"
  • A: Features included: View Orders (Open/Closed/Cancelled/All), Search, Reports, Fulfillment, Tracker, Inbox/Messaging. Upload Documents. See our Features Page for a comprehensive list.
  • Q: "Do you have your own blockchain?"
  • A: No. We are a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider with a platform and API called unanimity. We are 100% blockchain agnostic and support permissionless, permissioned, federated, and consortium blockchains. Some of the blockchains we support are Proton Chain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger. Learn more....

  • Q: "I have an account with Qualia. How do I connect it to BlockSTRACT API?"
  • A: Please contact us and we’ll set up a time to discuss onboarding and giving you a demo.

  • Q: What programming language is BlockSTRACT written in?
  • A: BlockSTRACT is built in React with a Java back-end.
  • Q: "I'm a Title Company or Title Agent. How do I sign up to BlockSTRACT?"
  • A: Title Companies and Title Agents can register for free here.

  • Q: "I'm an Independent Abstractor or Title Production Vendor. How do I sign up to BlockSTRACT?"
  • A: By visiting the BlockSTRACT site. We recommend signing up for a demo.

  • Q: "I'm an Independent Abstractor or Title Production Vendor. How do I pay for the service?"
  • A: By visiting the pricing page.

  • Q: "What payment methods do you support with BlockSTRACT?"
  • A: Bitcoin and Wire Transfer (via TransferWise). We will be supporting Metal Pay soon.