14 Aug 2018 One Block At A Time

One Block At A Time™

Getting Started

Before you can take full advantage of the Ubitquity platform and start registering your properties on the blockchain, you will need to follow these simple steps...

#1. Choose Your Plan

Choose your plan based on your specific industry. Click User Info. Under the "Membership Packages" tab you have three options: "Custom" (County Recorders, Self-contained homes, Smart Cities), "E-Recording Companies" (Mortgage agents, professionals, and organizations), "Title Companies" (Title agents, professionals, and organizations). Click "Activate Membership". Your trial plan will be active for 2 months. If you make a mistake you can easily correct this by changing your plan in the "Manage Membership".

#2. Fund Your Account

Currently you can fund your account using bitcoin. Other payment methods like Stripe and PayPal will be added after we are out of beta. On the main menu of the portal click the "Keys" tab. Here you will see an option called Public Key with a string of letters and numbers. The Public Key is your bitcoin wallet address. Send bitcoin to this address. We recommend sending at least $5 in bitcoin. Keep in mind that each property transaction has a cost of between 3-7 cents (plus an optional but recommended miners fee). As soon as you get around 4 confirmations, your account will be successfully funded. If you are having difficulty with this, click on the contact page, fill out our form and we'll walk you through it or we'll fund your account.

#3. Add New Record(s)

To begin adding your properties, click on the "New Record" tab located on the main menu of the portal. Fields with a red * (asterisk) next to them are required. If you would prefer to upload bulk records, please reach out to us by clicking on the contact page. To review your records click on the "Records" tab located on the main menu.

#4. Managing Record(s)

To manage your record(s), you can do so but clicking "Records" tab located on the main menu of the portal. Each record will have a DOC. NUMBER, DATE, ADDRESS, GRANTEE, and PARCEL number associated with it. Click on the green linked DOC.NUMBER. You will be brought to a page that allows you to manage your Record. Complete with your property details, images, property assessment, and external records. The external records allow you to link to the public record for the property. The Blockchain Asset ID contains a string of digits (a hash) which links to an external page at Coloredcoins.org (with assets managed by Colu). This page containing your Asset Name, Address, Photograph, and other relevant Metadata for the property.