Platform UBITQUITY v2.0 (RC)

Transparently recording and tracking of title and property on a secure ledger. We're assisting in making future title searches faster and more efficient with our blockchain platform + API. Ubitquity's built exclusively for the following customers: Municipalities, Title, and Resellers.

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Affordable, Reliable,

Our Platform

Core features of the Ubitquity platform include:
  • Enterprise-ready blockchain registry and transfer of real estate
  • Title insurance integration & support (with experienced title staff on-call)
  • Recorder of Deeds/Land Records office Support
  • Encrypted private storage of both wallet keys and hashes of data via Managed Solutions. Unencrypted files can be stored on IPFS, StorJ, and soon Amazon AWS.
  • Smart contracts, Ricardian contracts and multi-signature keys for escrow
  • Blockchain registry of real estate title & local or cloud storage for real estate transfer documents with cooperation from title and land records offices
  • Smart contracts with multi-signature escrow replace manual closings
  • Document management via our patent pending real-time API to blockchain agnostic platform. Hybrid support of both private and public blockchains
  • Our patent pending platform and API is meant to be a parallel recording and tracking system to the current legacy paper one.

    When transactions occur, all relevant information about the property are automatically recorded on a stack that is already interoperable with UTXO based blockchains. Send us an RFP.

  • Scalable, Secure, and Turnkey

    On September 15, 2016 we officially launched in private alpha within and outside the United States. and version 1.0 beta with API in May 2018. We are currently piloting our SaaS platform with a Land Records Bureau in Brazil and our API is integrated with corporate clients. In addition we're working with incumbent players and trade groups to adhere to industry best practices/policies and to form brand new ones (i.e. ISO/TC 307). Integrating our parallel platform into your existing infrastructure is simple, secure, and affordable. Contact us and we'll begin the process of making your organization blockchain-secured. Version 2.0RC (Release Candidate) is now available.

    What We Offer

    SaaS Blockchain Platform

    We offer a simple user experience for securely recording and tracking property with our patent pending Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) blockchain platform/API.

    Enterprise Ready API

    We've created a fully functioning, easy-to-use enterprise ready API that links into existing databases, and property management systems including uploading and record documents onto the blockchain of your choice.

    System Optimization

    We help title companies, municipalities, and custom clients benefit from a clean record of ownership, thereby reducing future title search time, and increasing overall confidence and transparency.



    The data is verifiable by multiple permissioned and permissionless blockchains; trusted immutable peer-to-peer public ledger.


    A simple user experience for securely recording/tracking of title and other documents. As of 2019 we will offer whitelabel reselling.


    Using our platform for document hashing and peer-to-peer seeding technology for encrypted and decentralized data.


    Transparency in real estate results in more trust from everyone in a transaction. Ubitquity brings a new level of transparency.