How can we help your county recorder or land records office?
Blockchain technology is fast becoming a disruptive force in the land records world and will continue to be in the years to come.

County recorders/land records offices, such as yours, will need to integrate the blockchain into your workflow processes in order to compete in this new technological paradigm we are moving into. You will also need to have a firm grasp and solid understanding of the technology so they can adequately compete in this every changing and rapidly growing marketplace while serving the needs of their constitutents. At Ubitquity we can help! Our team and advisers are comprised of blockchain, title/insurance, escrow experts, and attorneys who are veterans in both industries. So you know you're dealing with professionals.

Patent-pending cloud-based platform & API: Ubitquity unanimity℠ is our Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that helps you integrate blockchain capabilities into your government apps and in parallel to compliment your existing vendor software stack without expensive infrastructure or cryptocurrency handling. We offer a complete environment for exploration, prototyping, and production use cases. unanimity℠ automatically ties into our API and yours. All records are added to the blockchain of your choice: both quickly and securely.

We will reach out to you in 1 business day to schedule a preliminary call.

For technical details read our Products page and FAQ.
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Blockchain-based Document Recording Services

The blockchain-powered 'software layer' between County Clerk offices and records. Also offered: Parallel integration for land records. Help with alerts for your constituents on real estate fraud with Lien Alert. Allows for individuals to be instantly notified when they have a lien placed against them, and when the lien is removed. Liens are recorded to the blockchain for enhanced security.

For more information read our BlockDRS and Lien Alert page.
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Training and Seminars

Pain Point:
It is assumed that staff and key stakeholders at your agency are unfamiliar with the blockchain and the opportunity + challenges.
Real estate recordation is inherently labor intensive and expensive. A lot of redundancy is involved that decreases efficiency.

A series of seminars at your offices led by Wes Williams, ESQ. (title insurance veteran and attorney), a member of Ubitquity’s advisory board. Other Ubitquity staff (senior executives and developers) will attend and contribute to the seminars pending schedules. Alternatively, we also offer live and pre-recorded webinars so your team can take advantage of our education and training material remotely.