Blockchain Recording for all...
How can we help your firm? We now offer general blockchain recording for all industries!

Our platform allows you to create any digital asset and certify its existence at a specific moment of time, as well as the traceability of the changes of states or values ​​of its attributes. The data is stored in an immutable and permanent way, with highly reliable cryptographic mechanisms via our unanimity℠ platform and API that allow to verify the existence and traceability of the registry, etc. We can often get you online in a few days.

Patent-pending cloud-based platform & API: Ubitquity unanimity℠ is our Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that helps you integrate blockchain capabilities into your general applications in parallel to compliment your existing software stack without expensive infrastructure or cryptocurrency handling. We offer a complete environment for exploration, prototyping, and production use cases. unanimity℠ automatically ties into our API and yours. All records are added to the blockchain of your choice: both quickly and securely.

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For technical details read our Products page and FAQ.
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Blockchain-based Document Recording Services

The blockchain-powered 'software layer' between your office records and our platform/API. No matter what your requirements, be it high value item you need recording or you're an electronic signature company, we can help get you blockchain connected quickly without expensive infrastructure or cryptocurrency. Read our BlockDRS page.
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Training and Seminars

Pain Point:
It is assumed that staff and key stakeholders at your organization in your industry are unfamiliar with the blockchain and the opportunity + challenges. Most recordation is inherently labor intensive and expensive and open to fraud as well as data manipulation.

A series of seminars at your offices led by Nathan Wosnack (Founder & CEO) Sam Tannian-Reynolds (COO) and Wes Williams, ESQ. (title insurance veteran and attorney), a member of Ubitquity’s advisory board. We also offer live and pre-recorded free and paid webinars so your team can take advantage of our education and training material remotely.