SLA - Uptime Guarantee

Ubitquity provides enterprise-class stability and performance by implementing multiple levels of redundancy in its infrastructure.

100% Host Node Uptime

The hardware platform hosting your compute instances is designed with stability as a primary goal. At the same time, our engineering team utilizes active monitoring to proactively detect problems and take preventative measures, minimizing any impact failing host node hardware could have on your environment.

100% Network Uptime

Utilizing a redundant architecture and intelligent BGP routing, the Ubitquity core network intelligently routes around disruptive network activity in an effort to provide 100% uptime and high performance connectivity throughout all of our provider's worldwide POPs.

Outage credits

In the unlikely event that our availability falls below our guarantees, Ubitquity hosting accounts will be eligible for SLA credits based on any affected instances hourly cost.

Outage Time Frame Effective Approx Availability Credit Amount
Less than 9 minutes 99.99% 12 hours
10 - 59 minutes 99.98% 24 hours
1 - 2 hours 99.85% 48 hours
2 - 4 hours 99.70% 120 hours
4 - 7 hours 99.50% 240 hours
7+ hours 99.00% 672 hours