Client Case Study

Planes in the Air,
Records on the Blockchain

Ubitquity achieved another major milestone when, in Q3 2018, it secured AIC Title Service as a client providing the company with a blockchain-based system for recording aircraft titles and registration documents for the aircraft company‚Äôs Aircraft Closing Room.™

With the Ubitquity provided SaaS platform & API, AIC Title Service would ensure transparency and accuracy in its aircraft documentation, and title recording process.

AIC Title Service, based in Oklahoma City, is an industry leader in aircraft title search and escrow industry, facilitating with aircraft registration documentation, lien clearance, escrow services, and title services.

For Ubitquity this diversification from real estate industry is an important step in expansion of its blockchain platform and its services beyond the real estate industry.

What We Offer

SaaS Blockchain Platform

We offer a simple user experience for securely recording and tracking property with our patent pending Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) blockchain platform: version 2.0RC (Release Candidate).

Enterprise Ready API

We've created a functioning, enterprise ready API that links into existing databases, and property management systems including uploading and record documents onto the blockchain.

System Optimization

We help title companies, municipalities, recorder of deeds and our reselling clients benefit from a clean record of ownership, reducing future title search time, and increasing transparency.



The data is verifiable by multiple permissioned and permissionless blockchains; trusted immutable peer-to-peer public ledger.


A simple user experience for securely recording/tracking of title and other documents. As of 2019 we will offer whitelabel reselling.


Using our platform for document hashing and peer-to-peer seeding technology for encrypted and decentralized data.


Transparency in real estate results in more trust from everyone in a transaction. Ubitquity brings a whole new level of transparency.