(originally posted by Gerard Dache, Executive Director, Government Blockchain Association: https://gbaglobal.org/blog/2022/03/01/gba-ukraine) Government Blockchain Association (GBA) members from around the world are coming to the assistance of the Ukrainian people. See what we can do together when we… Connect, Communicate & Collaborate Humanitarian Support Providing Emergency Shelters for Ukrainian Families — Solve.care, a blockchain-based healthcare company is converting […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ubitquity, the innovative leader in the blockchain, title, and real estate space is pleased to announce that it has joined as a Corporate Member of the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise Wilmington, Delaware, USA — March 4, 2022 — Ubitquity LLC, the leading enterprise blockchain-secured platform for real estate, […]

Ubitquity, the innovative leader in the blockchain, title, and real estate space funding round will accelerate MyNFTs, SmartEscrow, and UbitquityPay delivery of cryptocurrency payments to global markets. Wilmington, Delaware, USA — February 17, 2022 — Ubitquity LLC, the leading enterprise blockchain-secured platform for real estate, escrow, and title, today announced that it has nearly completed […]

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Learn about how your company can accept cryptocurrency for real estate transactions securely, efficiently, and in a scalable manner. Welcome to a digital and frictionless future of real estate transactions. Our professionals will introduce you to industry tools and platforms we have developed and are continuing to develop while giving neutral advice for getting started […]

UbitquityPay is officially launched! UbitquityPay is the global solution for crypto payments + real estate transactions. Learn more at: ubitquitypay.com. A press release is coming shortly.


Happy New Year, everyone! 2021 was our most successful year yet. Ubitquity sits at the intersection of blockchain technology and software as a service. This powerful combination makes Ubitquity uniquely suited to providing a real-world solution to real-world problems and points of friction. The company’s sharp focus on one of the largest and most inefficient […]

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Originally Published on Rocket Homes Blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin — a lot of these terms are used these days, and many people don’t understand what they mean. Explaining blockchain to someone now is like explaining the internet was to someone in the 1980s. With each new, revolutionary technology — like the internet or blockchain — there are […]

Speakers: Piper Moretti and Joy Case. Also joining us: Wesley Williams, Ken Rhinehart, Gerard Dache, Darcy Van Orden, Justyna Osowska, Robbie Riehs, Justin Isaac. Our Founder & CEO Nathan Wosnack was the moderator. The event is three hours of highly informative material. We had a lot of fun. We think you’ll enjoy it! Watch now and look forward to our next episode in the summer!

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How The Blockchain Will Revolutionize Property Ownership   by: Codie Neville With all the hype — and subsequent bad press — cryptocurrency has been receiving the past few months, it’s easy to overlook the most fundamental and game changing aspect; blockchain technology. The blockchain principle that cryptocurrency is based upon, however, is arguably one of […]

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We’re pleased to announce that Ubitquity is back on Crunchbase! That’s right, we’re back in full fundraising mode in 2021 with a decent portion of our seed round already completed. Crunchbase is just one of the few investment portals that we’re setting up. Next up within the coming days is Unissu®. A lot of R&D, […]