(originally posted by Gerard Dache, Executive Director, Government Blockchain Association: https://gbaglobal.org/blog/2022/03/01/gba-ukraine)

Government Blockchain Association (GBA) members from around the world are coming to the assistance of the Ukrainian people. See what we can do together when we…

  • Providing Emergency Shelters for Ukrainian Families — Solve.care, a blockchain-based healthcare company is converting schools, churches, and gyms into relief shelters for women and children that have been displaced by attacks on their homes. Please go to https://solve.care/careshelter for more information.
  • Supply Chain — GBA members in the United States are collecting humanitarian and military supplies including military surplus flack jackets and other equipment and are shipping them to a neighboring country so that they can be delivered to the appropriate organizations.
  • International Access — GBA members are working with local officials in neighboring countries to provide access from the global community to Ukrainian authorities inside Ukraine. These supply routes and channels are supported by blockchain technology.
  • International Legion for the Territorial Defense of Ukraine — GBA members are involved in recruiting for and supporting the International Legion for the Territorial Defense of Ukraine. For registration in the legion and for all details, it is necessary to contact the defense attachés of the Embassies of Ukraine in respective countries (contact information available on the websites of the embassies).
  • Training, Equipping, and Arming Ukrainian Citizens — GBA members are receiving Ukrainians that have fled their homeland immediately following the Russian attack and are training, equipping, and arming them for return to their homes. They are being integrated into Ukrainian military units to defend their homeland. Over a thousand people are being deployed back to Ukraine the first week in March.
  • Disrupting Income of Russian Companies — GBA members are turning off their technology services to block income-producing transactions for Russian state-owned enterprises. Details cannot be shared. But this is a significant source of revenue for Russia.
  • Border Relief Financial Support — GBA members are donating thousands of dollars through the Canadian Red Cross to go directly to border relief efforts.

If you would like to let other GBA members know what you are doing to support the connection, communication, and collaboration with GBA members standing with Ukraine, please send an email to [email protected].

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