Managed Solutions

Optimize your existing resources with UBITQUITY Managed Solutions. We'll help make your organization more than simply "blockchain ready".

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Cloud Services

Cloud-based blockchain "data hashes" and data management on our platform, infrastructure plans with decentralization via IPFS, StorJ, and Amazon AWS. Included in unanimity platform.

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Consulting Services

We'll take an assessment of your unique needs and challenges, along with a roadmap to align with your goals with blockchain technology and work on an execution plan that fits you.

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Professional Services

Training, system integration, and development for "all things blockchain" module add-ons, and smart contracts to align your existing technology: for SMBs, Enterprise, and Government.

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All these services work seamlessly with our parallel & scalable API. Giving you low-cost, quickly deployable blockchain turn-key solutions.
Are you interested in learning more about our Managed Solutions success stories? Read our recently released Case Studies PDF report.

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