Title Insurance

Ubitquity, via its Web3 enabled Non-Fungible Title™ (NFT) platform (launching in June 2022), uses blockchain technology hosted on the distributed web via the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to deliver a unique consumer experience to owning a title to a home. We work in collaboration with the title industry.

We enhance the title experience using Non-Fungible Records™ (NFR) to bridge the digital and physical worlds. Using these Non-Fungible Records™ allows for unique business capabilities and engaging interactive experiences for enterprises and consumers:

Digital Identity

Every title you create has its own digital identity, creating trust and accountability as it travels globally across borders.

Data Security

Increase security in data for title companies, real estate agents, insurance providers, construction companies, contractors, and all parties in your end-to-end value chain with immutable data which cannot be tampered with or changed.


Access home repairs through your title, maintenance records, your home’s assets like air conditioner and water heater, and more.

Legacy & Modern Integrations

Enterprise organizations have legacy software. Connect with any CRM and ERP system as well as DeFi & Metaverse applications. Build composable experiences utilizing your legacy systems & Web3.

Revenue Share

Enable a revenue share system for secondary market sales of titles where you capture trading fees. Our platform provides programmed revenues to partners for easier accounting.


Trace titles from their origin and through chains of custody, whether that be from the previous owner to the current owner, or the first homeowner to the last.

Learn more about using our platform by visiting: www.ubitquity.io/nft

Powered by Real Items. Non-Fungible Title™ is a trademark of UBITQUITY, LLC. Non-Fungible Records™ is a trademark of Real Items Company.

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