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Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

Ubitquity unanimity℠ is our Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that helps you integrate blockchain capabilities into your applications without expensive infrastructure or cryptocurrency handling. We offer a complete environment for exploration, prototyping, and production use cases. unanimity 1.1 automatically ties into our infrastructure.

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We will tie into your existing workflow without adding any additional steps in the process.

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Product Suite

BlockSTRACT CloseLayer ClosingBlock NotaryBlock SmartEscrow

Other Solutions: Managed

"Ubitquity's API and SaaS/BaaS platform has been running on our Aviation Closing Room® solution seamlessly since day one. The team at Ubitquity are professional in business, have a deep understanding of blockchain technology, and a clear understanding of the needs of title and escrow companies across our industry. We are very happy customers at AIC Title Service." - Clay Healey, Owner, AIC Title Service

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Core features of the unanimity platform include:

Blockchain Agnostic Peer-to-Peer Storage Smart Contracts RESTful API Module Add-Ons
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  • API sandbox included for any and all project testing requirements
  • Audit Logs & Document Authentication
  • Dedicated secure cloud instance: 100% CPU + SSD (Low latency and SLA guaranteed)
  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection included
  • Easy deployment with Docker Container (operating-system-level virtualization, also known as "containerization")
  • Encrypted private storage of both wallet keys and hashes of data via Managed Solutions
  • Fully customizable API workflow & UI/UX front end module add-ons to meet your needs
  • Integration with Enterprise Applications
  • Optional sandbox and live data back up so you never lose your work
  • Operation Dashboards & Utilities
  • Performance Analysis & Monitoring
  • Unencrypted files can be stored on IPFS, StorJ, and Amazon AWS

  • Document management via our patent pending real-time API to blockchain agnostic platform.
  • Unlimited free transactions as part of a trial/test of the unanimity platform
  • Flexible SaaS/BaaS quarterly access fees + per record fees that work for you
  • Enterprise-ready blockchain registry and transfer of real estateBlockchain registry of real estate title & local or cloud storage for real estate transfer documents with cooperation from title and land records/county recording offices

  • Interactive demo available for governments, title companies, and Referral Partners
  • Full platform and API documentation included in addition to our FAQ pages
  • Title insurance integration & support (with experienced title staff on-call)
  • Live 24/7/365 support from our development and customer service staff so you know you're in safe hands

  • Multiple blockchain support    |   Fully Blockchain Agnostic


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