Our open source (MIT License since June 19, 2022) unanimity platform can tie into your exploration, prototyping, and production use cases without additional workflows. unanimity’s oracle ties into our API and yours.

View the full source code on GitHub:

GitHub logogithub.com/ubitquity/unanimity

Or Download the source code (.zip) from our server.

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Core features of the unanimity platform

Blockchain Agnostic
Peer-to-Peer Storage Capable
Smart Contract Capability
RESTful API Enabled
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Available free of charge (as of June 19, 2022), as part of the MIT License on GitHub: https://github.com/ubitquity/unanimity

The MIT License is a permissive free software license originating at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the late 1980s. As a permissive license, it puts only very limited restriction on reuse and has, therefore, high license compatibility.” — Wikipedia (Citation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_License)

Like many start-ups, after four years of maintaining unanimity as closed-sourced proprietary software (from 2018-2022), we’ve decided to focus on our other applications. We are focused on real estate payments (UbitquityPay) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) modules, Non-Fungible Title, and an eventual full software suite for title/escrow, underwriters, and banks (SmartEscrow).

Although unanimity will remain open source, we will still charge for support and development. Unanimity paid legacy support and software development consulting is available on a per-request basis through our Managed Solutions. Email [email protected] for details.

No longer available free of charge as of June 19, 2022.

Email [email protected] for premium support.

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The unanimity platform supports Docker Containers. Read the requirements.

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