Happy New Year, everyone!

This year was, once again, our most successful yet.

Building on its seven years of software engineering, Ubitquity pivoted its business model to improve its unit economics and expand its addressable market.

We are publishing our 2022 Year In Review in quarterly releases over a week. You can read part one here. Now without further adieu I bring you the Ubitquity Year In Review for the second quarter of 2022 (April, May, June).

Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO


April 3, 2022

Learn more… https://ubitquity.medium.com/ubitquitypay-adds-150-cryptocurrencies-competitive-transaction-fees-and-a-revenue-sharing-program-8ef60c0378c0

April 7th


April 8th

The Future of Real Estate in The World of Web3 with Nathan Wosnack (Founder & CEO, UBITQUITY LLC). PropLogix Four Stories podcast interview!

Read more: https://ubitquity.medium.com/the-future-of-real-estate-in-the-world-of-web3-with-nathan-wosnack-founder-ceo-ubitquity-llc-6997556419ea

April 10th

Our 120+ Supported Cryptocurrencies (including stable coins) UbitquityPay page is now live! https://ubitquitypay.com/supported_cryptocurrencies.html

April 13th


April 16th

Ubitquity was listed as the most innovative consulting startup in Delaware by “Best STARTUP”. We are flattered and truly humbled.


April 21st


May 5th

May 20th

We are honored to be working with Red Sentry for our enterprise cloud penetration testing, asset tracking and monitoring platform designed to save time, operationalize security, and reduce costs!

Read the press releases:



May 31st


June 17th

Ubitquity Launching Crypto Listing Service to Empower Home and Land Owners Accepting Cryptocurrency Transactions on Its Platform


(Note: CryptoListing Service was later renamed to and its domain name set up at CryptoListing.net)

June 18th

We received excellent coverage on CryptoNinjas!

Ubitquity launches ‘Crypto Listing Service’ to grow real estate transactions in crypto

Read more: https://www.cryptoninjas.net/2022/06/17/ubitquity-launches-crypto-listing-service-to-grow-real-estate-transactions-in-crypto/


Press coverage: Ubitquity Rolls Out Crypto Listing Service To Boost Real Estate Transactions

(via The Coin Republic)


June 19th

Paid support and integration is available as part of our Managed Solutions. Learn more:https://ubitquity.io/platform.

June 21st

Ubitquity press coverage by Equal Ocean regarding the Crypto Listing Service

Ubitquity launched “cryptocurrency listing service” to increase cryptocurrency real estate transactions

June 25th

Starting July 5th 2022, UBITQUITY LLC will become a 4 day work week company: Monday — Thursday.

We support the 4 Day Week Global NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) and their mission.

Learn more… https://linktr.ee/4dayweek

June 27th

We officially have GooglePay integration at Ubitquity for paid podcasts!

Thank you for reading our 2022 Year In Review Part 2 — Q2. Look for our third of our fourth installment this week and remember what a good friend of our Founder & CEO named Karen recently told him to share with you all: “stay kind and stay humble!” ❤️ — Team Ubitquity

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