An introductory course by Gerard Dache, Executive Director of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA). Helping you to learn about blockchain technology cryptocurrencies in order to educate your team; whether you’re a title/escrow executive, agent, or insurance underwriter, this content is invaluable.

The goal of this course is to understand the importance of blockchain technology so you can accept cryptocurrency real estate transactions in a secure, efficient, and scalable manner. Welcome to a digital and frictionless future of real estate transactions.

Register today for this live and pre-recorded event. Live Friday, March 25th @ 4:00 pm to 5 pm EDT. Available in an archived format immediately thereafter.

The cost of the event is $25 per attendee.

REGISTER HERE: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/ubitquity–gba-event

100% of the proceeds from this event (live and pre-recorded) will go towards the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. We accept payments in Stripe, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Proton.

Stripe: https://buy.stripe.com/bIYbK65CP4Gp11KfYZ

Bitcoin address: 38k91EjaD7PoJ2TuscoVm3LAiFYsqzacwk

Ethereum address: 0x3ac4c4e8eb9aac88f5e5c402157bd735c1f163f1

Proton address (Ethereum ERC-20): 0x4fa419de790B607Eb777359ef069Ba45fAFfF435

Proton usernamenathan11

Our Founder & CEO Nathan Wosnack of UBITQUITY LLC will introduce you, high level, to the industry tools and platforms we have developed and are continuing to develop for getting started and accepting cryptocurrency for your title/escrow or real estate firm.

Whether you’re a C Suite executive or a budding agent, this course material will be important to your readiness for the future of real estate transactions and understanding the bigger picture of the importance of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in our new paradigm.

The presentation was developed by the Government Blockchain Association, with narration from Ubitquity.

© 2022 Government Blockchain Association · All rights reserved.

This content is used under license for UBITQUITY, LLC.

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