Ubitquity, the innovative leader in the blockchain, title, and real estate space teams up with Florida-based Millennial Title LLC to onboard the real estate, title, and settlement industry into the 21st century by developing technology in conjunction with key players in the space.

Wilmington, Delaware, USA — July 6, 2021 — Ubitquity LLC, the leading enterprise blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Millennial Title and its affiliate Encrypted Estates for its SmartEscrow solution.

“Ubitquity is excited to be working with such an innovative forward-thinking company like Millennial Title. SmartEscrow will be a game-changer for buyers who want to purchase real estate with their cryptocurrency,” said Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO of Ubitquity LLC.

“Chip Ridge, President of Millennial Title, is a well-respected visionary in the title space, who understands the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency,” added Wosnack.

Millennial Title has grown from the first office opening in Tampa in 2015 to seven locations today, licensed in 23 states and with the ability to coordinate closings in all 50 states. Their success is due to our committed team members and loyal clients.

“We are excited to work with Nathan and his team of developers at Ubitquity to develop a seamless closing experience for our clients leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. We started Encrypted Estates to bring together a team of Cryptocurrency experts to the Real Estate Settlement space,” said Chip Ridge, the Founder and President of Millennial Title.

Ubitquity has a number of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) tools available on its unanimity platform, that it has successfully integrated across a variety of industries including aviation and real estate for escrow and title closing support, title abstracting, digital, hybrid, and paper notary support, smart contract management, as well as secure document management. Ubitquity can help with regulatory-compliant token sales, integration consulting, real estate NFT (Non-Fungible Token) creation, and more.

About Ubitquity, LLC

UBITQUITY, the leading blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, offers a simple user experience for securely recording and tracking property deeds and land records. The company is partnered with academia, aviation companies, municipalities, and real estate companies. Version 1.1 release of the platform is now available on their newly relaunched website: www.ubitquity.io. Learn about Ubitquity Tokenization and NFTs for real estate and title (MyNFTs) and how it can help your firm by visiting www.ubitquity.io/tokenization.

Ubitquity Contact:

Tatjana O’Brien, VP of Marketing

email: [email protected]

tel: +1 (724) BITCØIN [248–2046]

toll: +1 (833) 64-BLOCK [25625]

About Millennial Title, LLC.

Millennial Title is a regional title company that provides settlement, escrow, and title services to its clients. Millennial Title works with lenders, residential agents, commercial brokers, developers, and investors. The Millennial Title Staff staff consists of professionals with experience in legal matters, contracting, real estate sales, purchases, and development. They are an independently owned concern which means they are able to better focus our efforts on customer service with the highest degree of quality.

Millennial Title Media Contact:

Chip Ridge, Founder and President

e: [email protected]

website: www.millennialtitle.com


t: 1+ (502) 836–6466

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