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Ubitquity, the innovative leader in the blockchain, title and real estate space teams up with the enterprise blockchain service provider, VeChain to bring its well respected infrastructure to its business customers worldwide with Rainier Title piloting this initiative


Wilmington, Delaware, USA – March 29, 2021 – Ubitquity LLC, the leading enterprise blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, is pleased to announce that it is now a business partner of VeChain. According to their website: VeChain ToolChain™ is a comprehensive blockchain platform offering diverse services including: product lifecycle management, supply chain process control, data deposit, data certification, and process certification.

VeChain currently operates out of seven offices located in Shanghai, Singapore, Paris, Luxembourg, Palo Alto, Tokyo and Hong Kong, with the international professional team of over 100 staff members including over 50 professional blockchain application developers.

“Ubitquity is proud to be working with such a well respected and forward-thinking company like VeChain who are at the forefront of enterprise adoption of blockchain technology. Ubitquity is going to implement a solution for its long-term customer, Rainier Title on the VeChainThor public blockchain using the BaaS platform called VeChain ToolChain™,” said Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO of Ubitquity LLC.

“Bill Bergschneider, Chief Executive Officer of Rainier Title, is a true visionary in the title space. This is a historic moment for the real estate and title industry and it is wonderful to have such a forward thinking partner to develop and create this vision and dream with.” added Wosnack.

Rainier Title, a leading Title company in the Pacific Northwest and Ubitquity who is the leading enterprise-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping are pioneering a new way forward for the entire title and real estate industry. 

“The future is being accelerated in a rapid way. Our partnership with the brilliant cast of players at both Ubitquity and VeChain has put us all on the forefront of how Real Estate transactions need to flow. The collective ideas will deliver a more secure and transparent transaction for the consumer not to mention opening many doors for seamless, immutable storage and transfer of all property data.” said Bill Bergschneider, CEO of Washington State based Rainier Title.

“Welcome to the VeChain ecosystem! We see tremendous potential for Ubitquity’s BaaS API solutions being widely used and adopted for real world use cases.” said Jason Rockwood, General Manager of VeChain US.

“The VeChain team is looking forward to working closely with the team in digital real estate, and is excited about their first client to use our technology which is Rainier Title. We believe our product is the premium choice to achieve business objectives, and strike the best balance of decentralized finance and stringent oversight. We will be restlessly seeking for more opportunities to add value to our ecosystem.” added Rockwood.

Ubitquity has a number of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) tools available on its unanimity platform, that it has successfully integrated across a variety of industries including aviation and real estate for escrow and title closing support, title abstracting, digital, hybrid, and paper notary support, smart contract management, as well as secure document management. Ubitquity can help with regulatory-compliant token sales, integration consulting, real estate NFT (Non-Fungible Token) creation, and more.


About Ubitquity, LLC

UBITQUITY, the enterprise ready blockchain-secured platform for real estate recordkeeping, offers a simple user experience for securely recording and tracking property deeds and land records. The company is partnered with academia, municipalities, aviation and real estate companies. Version 1.1 release of the platform, unanimity, is available on their website: www.ubitquity.io.


Ubitquity Contact:

Bryan Blumenfeld, VP of Partnerships

email: [email protected]

tel: 1+ (724) BITCØIN [248–2046]


About Rainier Title, LLC

Rainier Title, a trusted partner in the Pacific Northwest, building trust one transaction at a time. Rainier Title’s team of accomplished experts are knowledgeable and versed, with over 400 years of combined Title and Escrow expertise.


Rainier Title Media Contact:

Bill Bergschneider, CEO

E: [email protected]

Website: www.rainiertitle.com

t: 1+ (425) 467–4100


About VeChain:

VeChain is a global leading enterprise-friendly blockchain company which aims to connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing enterprises with blockchain-enabled solutions suited to their business needs. It offers VeChain ToolChain™, a low-code blockchain-based SaaS platform that allows enterprise clients to rapidly build and drive digital transformation on a global scale, enabling the evolution of a trust-free and a distributed ecosystem.

With strong independent development capabilities, combined with the professional compliance guidance of our strategic partners, PwC and DNV, VeChain has established partnerships with many leading enterprises in various industries, including Walmart China, Bayer China, BMW Group, BYD Auto, PICC, H&M Group, Shanghai Gas, LVMH, D.I.G, ASI Group etc.


VeChain Contact:

E: [email protected]

Website: www.vechain.com

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