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Hey everyone,

I have some great news (as you may have heard) — UBITQUITY’s been preparing to raise a Community Round on the investment platform Wefunder. As of last week our raise UBITQUITY officially launched!

What this means is we’re letting our customers, partners, and biggest supporters become investors in the company.

We decided to raise on Wefunder to accelerate our growth and share the upside of our success with the people who know us best — our family, friends, and customers. You are our foundation.

So now we’re inviting you to become an actual stakeholder in UBITQUITY. Rather than sharing the fruits of our growth, and our labor, with a small group of Venture Capital firms, we want to thank you for being a loyal customer and supporter of ours by giving you a piece of the pie.

Our Community Round will create more than just revenue and a bigger customer base – we’re building a network of people who share our mission and values. The great thing about Wefunder is that it allows anyone – whether or not they’re an accredited investor – to become an angel investor in our company.

I am really excited about the growth that UBITQUITY has seen over the last few months. And we have even more exciting plans for continuing to ramp up our growth in the coming 12 months!

You can read more about UBITQUITY, the terms of the offering, and reserve a spot to be an investor here*: https://www.wefunder.com/ubitquity

If you want to chat more about any of this, we’re more than happy to do so!

Feel free to reach us at [email protected].


Nathan Wosnack

Founder & CEO

*Our raise is currently in “testing the waters” mode while we finalize our paperwork and SEC filings, so you’ll only be making a reservation – not actually investing yet. Once we file everything in the coming weeks, you’ll be able to confirm your investment.

**Some necessary “testing the waters” disclosures:

1. No money or other consideration is being solicited. If sent, it will not be accepted.

2. No offer to buy securities will be accepted and no part of the purchase price will be received until a Form C is filed and only through Wefunder’s platform.

3. Any indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

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