Unanimity Demo Disclaimer

The Unanimity UI/UX Demo broadcast and its contents are the sole property of UBITQUITY, LLC, and are protected by United States Federal law and international treaties. You are strictly prohibited from making a copy or modification of, or from rebroadcasting, re-encoding, or re-presenting this demo broadcast without the prior written permission from UBITQUITY, LLC, except as it may be permitted by law.

The Unanimity UI/UX demo broadcast is provided for information purposes only. Product specifications, features, and services are subject to change without notice. All designs, features, specifications, and user interfaces represented herein may change without notice.

This Unanimity broadcast includes images that may have been simulated for illustrative purposes. The Unanimity platform and API are customizable to fit in the workflows of any organization, will have more menus, functionality, and will look different than this demo broadcast. Please be sure to inquire with UBITQUITY management if you require clarification on any menu, workflow, or feature. Email [email protected] to learn more or call us at +1 724 248 2046 to schedule a meeting.